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The Red Magnolia Films creative team

About Us

We are Wade & Samantha, a husband and wife video team. We love capturing precious moments through our camera lens that will last a lifetime.

Exciting moments present themselves in many ways and we love being able to preserve those moments for you.

Tupelo, Mississippi is where we call home, but we know no boundaries when it comes to filming. Near or far, we travel to all destinations.

Meet Our Team



Lead Videographer, Video Editor


Hi everyone!  I have lived the majority of my life in the Tupelo, Mississippi area. Despite living in small town USA, that has not stopped me from traveling and exploring the great beauties beyond the county lines. No matter the destination, a camera is typically within arms reach. My love for the camera started with capturing nature pictures and things I felt to be a little odd. Over time, pictures turned into cinema, and that's how videography came about. I love the thrill of being able to capture real life moments and blend all of those emotions into a timeless film.

Interesting Facts About Myself

I love visiting Walt Disney World 

I am a geek at heart

2000's rock music is the best


Second  Videographer, Social Media

Hey Guys. Very similar to Wade, I grew up in a small Northern Mississippi town, and that too did not keep me from traveling. My love for cameras didn't start with capturing photos, rather it all began with creating social media content for YouTube. While creating social media content is something I enjoy doing, assisting Wade in capturing people's raw emotions from a full day of  wedding filming is exciting and magical.

Interesting Facts About Myself

I enjoy running

I'm a Disney Adult...WDW is life

If I can take my dog wherever I go, I do!

Remy the Golden retriever


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